Custom Projects

At Brohana, we utilize a local makerspace, the Valley Fab Lab, to produce all of our personalized products. Often, we've found that the perfect gift can exceed traditional personalization features. For example, while we use a Co2 laser to etch glass, we worked directly with a customer to create a unique engraved glass plate for their night stand. 

Our CEO and Maker, Jacob Morgan, has over two year of experience with lasers and is the lead machine trainer at the Valley Fab Lab. Through his role of training users how to operate the machines, he has gained an extensive understanding of how to make really novel applications for custom projects. 

While you see a lot of engraved wood, glass and leather on our website, Mr. Morgan can produce products with vinyl, 3D printers, large format photo printers, label and promotional printing and cutting, and the vast array of applications with Co2 lasers. This page is your destination to reach out to inquire about a unique custom project that you would love to have produced - simply follow the process below to get started:

  1. Email and include a brief description of your idea and the product that you want to receive. Please try to include any example pictures, materials, sizes, fonts, colors, etc.
  2. Determine if you want to provide Brohana with the product that you want to customize or if you want Brohana to handle the logistics of receiving it and be billed accordingly. 
  3. Every project is handled on a case-by-case basis; depending on your specific project, you can expect a tentative timeline of 4-21 days before your order is in the mail.
  4. Once you have communicated your project criteria, Brohana will send you a custom invoice through PayPal, Venmo, or Cash App.