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We specialize in personalized and custom products for men…with beards! Starting with beard oil, we give customers the ability to make their own unique scents with our premiere carrier oil formula kit. Once the perfect scent combo is made and tested, you can submit a head shot and scent name. We'll take these engrave a kick ass beard caricature outline directly onto your next beard oil bottle and the name you choose. Customers then have the option to upload their personalized scent and bottle onto our eCommerce site so that they can promote their creation while making a sizable commission from it.

At Brohana, we love our beards and want to see more men co-create their beard care routine, but we are more than just an eCommerce company. We are a community of bearded brothers who aspire to embody our fullest potential. Just like our ancient ohana from Hawaii, we take seriousness in being agents of Aloha. The word goes far beyond the surface concepts of “hello” or “goodbye.” It stretches deeper into a way of life where one actively embodies unconditional love, support, and fellowship with everyone and everything.

As a group of passionate beard enthusiasts, we strive to uplift, encourage, and show others how to be better men every day. Helping each other become the type of men that choose to make the world a better place. As we beard, we show the world that all men can develop patience, commitment, and discipline to be our true selves.

That’s where the #BroTeam comes in. We collectively help men understand, act, and propel their own self-empowerment from a wide range of tools, resources, and processes. We mimic the values and style of a passionate beard club without having the same structure of one. At Brohana, we strive to bring our community the starting points to develop a wholesome, authentic life so that the world may one day see a brighter future for humanity.


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