King Kukui Nut Oil

A Brief History

Kukui nut oil, Aleurites moluccana, is derived from the state tree of Hawaii, the Kukui Nut Tree – often referred to as the candlenut tree.

Ever since the tree was imported from Asia by Polynesians, this tree has been renowned for its many uses. 

For the Polynesians this varied anywhere from making canoes, increasing social status, and making bracelets and lei out of roasted nuts (1).

For other indigenous people of Hawaii, the Kukui nut tree has brought so many diverse benefits that is has been used for everything from food, ceremonial oils, paint, healing applications, and even candle making – talk about a versatile ingredient (2)!


Today, the oil produced from the tree’s nuts are cold pressed and refined to deliver a wide range of impressive skin rejuvenating and hair fortifying properties.

Most notably the oil contains Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids (anti-inflammatory), Vitamin E (to fight free radicals, heal scars/stretch marks, and reduce wrinkles), Vitamin A (stimulates the cells for firmness), and Vitamin C (anti-aging, protection from UV rays, anti-oxidant) (5).

Compound Examination

This diverse blend of unique chemical composition is what allows the oil to create protectant layer of on top of the skin while it simultaneously penetrates deep into below skin layers – an effect mainly created from the fatty acids (3).

The two-in-one penetration ability is what allows the oil to have a premier moisturization feature that can help keep the hair follicles healthy, moisturized, and looking natural.

Since the oil has a large amount of unsaturated oleic and linoleic fatty acids, it has a remarkably fast absorption rate that leaves a silkiness to the skin.

This effect, often referred to as an emollient feature, has brought the oil into many cosmetic industries from creams, shampoo, conditioner, serums, and more.  

Both oleic and linoleic fatty acids play an integral part of kukui nut’s beneficial properties. These omega-6 fatty acids are what enable the skin to start the process of the skin’s natural anti-inflammatory response (4).

Through the topical application of both, the skin receives essential nutrients to fortify natural skin barrier defense while simultaneously starting the body’s natural repair system (4).

Functions like these are what give the kuikui nut oil a profound difference and are key reasons why you will find it across so many different applications.

It truly does have a wide range of benefits. From encouraging the skin defense system, to relaxing skin, and strengthening hair, this oil is our top choice for any personal care product.  

Research indicates that the properties can even aid the healing processes of the skin and tissue for minor wounds (6).


While using kukui nut oil is great for both skin and hair, it is merely the tip of the iceberg for amazing natural skin and hair care options out there.

Whether you are interested in the organic personal care lifestyle or are simply looking to improve the appearance of your facial hair, kukui nut oil is a fantastic ingredient to consider!

That’s why at Brohana Products, we place a large emphasis on the inclusion of premiere oils like kukui nut as a foundation across all beard care collections.

The time to rethink how we approach topical supplements is here and it is more important than ever!

As a consumer, there are so many options out there are recommend that you use – for good reason.

That’s why understanding the ingredient list before purchasing is so important - some ingredients simply should not be used!

Stay informed and visit to learn about the basic chemicals to avoid in your skin and hair care routine.  

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